New Insulation

How to Know If You Need New Insulation

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Do you smell something unpleasant from the attic? Do you notice unexplained heat retention from your attic? Are your energy bills suddenly got high? It might be a sign that you will be needing to replace your foam insulation.    

New Insulation  

How to identify if you really need new insulation    

If you have answered yes to any questions above, your attic insulation might be the one to blame. Attic insulation deteriorates over time due to its exposure to the elements and possible fest infestations. Read more to discover some faulty signs of your attic insulation and what to do with it.

Temperature Fluctuations   

If some part of your attic is randomly hot or feeling the cool breeze from time to time I some parts of your house, it might be that your attic insulation is causing it. Insulation can shift around sometime and create a gap which let in the cool air too much, while the thick part of insulation remains warm.  

Although it is possible to just pat back the insulation, this type of fix will not last long. Exposure from foam insulation in the process is a risk you don’t want to take so make sure to have a professional when changing your insulation, a professional who knows the proper process and protective gears. If the insulation has shifted and that is old enough and created awkward pockets that differentiate temperature from other areas, then attic insulation replacement is what you really need.     


It is an unpleasant thought but it can 

bitcoin’s mixer bring great damage on your attic insulation, rodents, bugs, opossums and snakes can find themselves a place in your attic insulation comfortably and these infestations can actually go undetected. Check out for signs of infestation like patches of insulation being disturbed or fecal droppings or any foul odor on the area to determine if you have an infestation or not.    

If you suspect that there is an infestation, call professional help first to eradicate the pests before replacing the insulation in the attic. At the minimum, your attic will be needing insulation removal and replacement in the area where there is infestation and the damage is present.     


Because of exposure to the elements that the insulation receives, molds often plague homeowners and attic insulation is the best candidate for molds infestation as it provides warmth, dark and moist environment which is needed by molds to survive.    

An attic infested with molds is not only damaging the insulation and makes deterioration faster but also brings health risk to you and your family. Replacing the insulation with mold is the only way to get rid of mold infestation.   

Energy Bills increase unexpectedly  

The unexpected increase in your energy bill might be a sign that something in your attic insulation has gone wrong and higher energy bill is one sign. Call insulation specialist immediately to check whether the culprit is the poor insulation or not. Professional inspector knows what to look for and can make a recommendation for proper ways of replacing attic or wall insulation.   

Replacement of insulation in your attic is not a simple project you can do-it-yourself because the process involved is generally beyond the capacity of what most homeowners can handle. This requires precision work and safety measures so it is better left to the professionals.  

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