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Benefits of Using Spray Foam Insulation

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Most people are intimidated by the commitment and the cost of using spray foam for insulation of their home and not thinking first the benefits of what a spray foam insulation can cater to their home and their family. And in fact, spray foam insulation incredibly outperforms all other types of insulation on a large scale.  

Foam InsulationHere are some ways how your home can benefit from spray foam insulation and at the same time can save you money but first let’s take a look on what’s spray foam insulation is. You can also find many videos with detailed explanations about this issue.    

There are two types of compound materials in which spray foam insulation is being developed, the isocyanate and polyurethane. Combining these two materials will cause them to react chemically which will cause the substance to harden and expand. During the process of installation, both of these materials are simultaneously sprayed using a spray gun which allows them to expand and will form a protective layer of foam insulation over the area.     

Spray foam insulation has two types, the open-cell insulation, and closed-cell insulation. Open-cell spray foam insulation is denser than that of closed-cell spray insulation and is spongy to touch that gives it a dampening effect and much more expensive than the close-cell insulation.   

Closed-cell insulation is more expensive but it has its own amazing benefits like the ones listed below.    

Powerful Insulator   

A Spray foam insulation is far better than other types of insulation and it is because it ix expansive by nature. Crannies and nooks that are left exposed can be sealed tightly by the spray foam insulation. Because of the resistance value of the foam and its air-tight ability could provide made it to the top rank on the market.      

Much More Energy Savings   

Spray foam is a powerful insulator that commercial and residential buildings have actually able to save energy expenses. It can actually save up to 50% of energy expenses or more compared to another type of insulation that could only provide at an average of about 30% energy savings.     

Air tight Seal   

A Spray foam insulation is capable of sealing cracks and holes thoroughly in your attic and in crawl spaces. One of the most common reasons for higher energy bills is the air leaks and this can be prevented through spray foam insulation as it forms a powerful airtight seal and is known to be 24 times less leaky to air infiltration than any types of insulation.    

Moisture Barrier   

The Water and moisture can also gain access to the leaks and holes and also in crawl spaces if not sealed and spray foam insulation can prevent this along with the risk that may bring as molds and mildew are prone to damp places. Spray foam is impermeable to water which means it can’t only seal thoroughly and protect your attic from airborne moisture but also if flooding will occur in the area, you can use foam insulation since it will not absorb water like other materials.    

Deters Mold   

Also, spray foam insulation is, in fact, not just water resistant but also composed of inert polymer that doesn’t provide any source of food for molds and bacteria which means that homes that are insulated by closed-cell insulation are protected against bacteria, molds, and mildew.    

Long Life-Span   

Spray foam insulation is made of an inert polymer that let it have an indefinite lifespan that allows business and homes enjoy the benefits the spray foam insulation van actually provide for years. People using spray foam insulation can also save money because of the unique ability of the spray foam insulation to perform to an extended period of time at an optimal level.    


Since spray foam insulation reduces energy consumption and that it is designed to last indefinitely making fewer consumed materials to produce and its ability to prevent molds and moisture makes it an eco-friendly.  

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